An Incentivized and P2P hybrid platform, Supported by over 150 influencers with over millions of Combined Followers

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what is viewo

Viewo is a video sharing network that operates on a blockchain-based rewards system. All participants in the Viewo network are rewarded for their actions, big or small. Rewards come in the form of VEO Tokens, a block- chain-based utility token that has value in both the Viewo network and outside the Viewo network. Unlike current video sharing websites that operate on a self-serving basis, Viewo operates on a user-based approach, rewarding each individual user for actions completed and giving incentives to both viewers and content creators. Viewo is the only incentivized video sharing network that has the support and backing of a significant number of contemporary influencers.


key Dates


Development of the full VIEWO concept including the building relationships with over 200 social media influencers


Token sale – Commencement of private sale


HR and employee staffing including tech team, legal and marketing


Global Network and core system development – Architecture design of content recommendation engine


Product Launch – Private beta launch: invite-only for creators


why viewo

Viewo was born as an answer to the problems currently facing today’s video sharing industry. Whereas today’s industry ignores the needs and voices of participants, Viewo will reward every participant for actions they take, big or small. On a reward-driven platform, users will be motivated to share content, comment, and generally be more active watching content. This, in turn will increase the popularity of their rewards (VEO Tokens), which can be used to make in-site purchases.



Token distribution after launch of Viewo Video Sharing platform

  • Watching a video with no other action
  • Uploading content
  • Users who shares content
  • Users who comment on videos
  • Moderators
  • subscribers
Technology & Partners

Token Allocation

Token for sale through crowdsale


Tokens for ecosystem distribution


Founding team & employees


Advisors, early supporters and partnerships


Bounty and subcontractors


latest news

Blockchain Video Sharing Rewards Network

In today’s video sharing industry most industrial players do not listen to the voice and needs of the participants. The current algorithms are also unfair, penalizing high-quality content in case it does not fit the demographics of the video networks.

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Viewo Review

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Israeli start-up Viewo could revolutionize how we share videos online, as the platform offers seamless and delay-free TV-watching.They don’t call it the Start-Up Nation for nothing.

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Amazing team

Adam Raphael


Adam has a proven track record in various areas of technology, marketing, finance, and Crypto.


Rani Grinberg


Rani, entrepreneur, business development expert, with powerful network and connections worldwide.

David Price


David has 25 years of experience in software development, design and architecture.

Lion Shirdan

Marketing & Talent Advisor

Marketing expert with over 18 years exp. Managing some of the top influencers in the world

Samuel Behar

Financial Advisor

Sam is a CPA with over 17 years of experience in various CFO positions in software and technology.

Ali Reda

Marketing Advisor

Ali brings over 8 years of experience from the entertainment and marketing industry

Tomas Andren

Content Acquisition Advisor

Tomas has extensive experience is original content development and acquisitions

Yohai Rayfeld

Business Strategy Advisor

Yohai is the Chairman of Pango, the most popular parking app in Israel. He is also involved in tech startups.

Joseph Ben Dak

Technology Advisor

Professor Ben Dak is the founder of the UN Global Technologies Group and is serving as its Chief.

Alex Linenko

Tokenization Expert

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain expert with focus on ICO management.

Andrey Korotkov

ICO Business Analyst

ICO enthusiast and professional with years of experience all things crypto.

Sachin Bhargava

ICO Advisor

Sachin has been a core team member and manager of several well known ICO's.

Dan Litwak

Security Advisor

Dan is a high level security engineer with experience in penetration testing.

Alexey Zarya

IСO Marketing Advisor

Expert in IСO marketing. Experience in more than ten IСO's.

Rumen Slavchov

ICO Expert and Advisor

Crypto Expert.


Token Details

Token name VEO
Type ERC20 Token
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000
Hard Cap 564,062,500 TOKENS
Soft Cap 10,000,000 TOKENS
Price 1 VEO = 0.20 USD
Issue After Token Sale ends
Dates December 11th, 2018 – January 11th 2019

Our technology

Viewo is using GPU servers combined with our specialist software technology, for live and on-demand video broadcasting. This allows us to deliver content at incredible speeds. The industry calls this Ultra Low Latency Streaming which we like to call Bufferless Instant Video Playback. This allows us to provide the worlds fastest complete solution for high resolution streaming.

In realtime we can stream live broadcasts with localised ads which are embedded into the video stream and stops popup blockers from removing ads.

Our powerful servers can switch from GPU to CPU based on our streaming needs. We can encode videos on the fly allowing content to play immediately after upload; no more delays like on competitor websites.

Editing software utilizing AI technology to enable content producers to improve videos.

Custom off-chain micropayment technology integrated with a web wallet.


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